Purchasing a new puppy is a BIG life-changing decision. We know there are lots of questions that may arise throughout the entire process, so we have listed some of the main ones here. You can find more information in the other sections of our website. If you have any further questions that have not been previously addressed please don't hesitate to ask us!


How much are your puppies?


As of 12/29/17, each of our Multi-Gen Goldendoodle puppies are $1,500 each, which includes a $300

non-refundable deposit to reserve your puppy. The remaining $1,200 is due on pickup day via cash or money order.


How do I reserve my puppy?


In order to reserve a puppy, a non-refundable deposit of $300 must be paid. Puppies will be chosen in the order of deposits paid for each litter. Please refer to the Our Policies page.


Do you ship puppies?


We do NOT ship puppies. We will, however, make arrangements with you to meet up to halfway at an agreed upon price, which would be due prior to the trip. Price will include hotel, fuel, food, and time expenses - if applicable.


When can we pick up our puppy?


After the deposit, and full payment are received, you can pick up your puppy when he/she is 8 weeks old. If you are unable to pick up your puppy at the 8 week mark, there will be an additional charge of $20 per day (plus the cost of any treatment needed during that time) until the puppy is picked up.


Where are your puppies raised?


Our doodles are our pets, so they are kept inside our home. They go outside to play and exercise. All of their puppies will be born inside our home and raised here for the first 8 weeks of their lives.


Is there any difference between males/females?

There is no significant difference between male and female. If anything, maybe males tend to grow larger than females and they can be a little more stubborn than females. Females have been said to be easier to train, as well, but every dog is different. Both genders make amazing pets, any differences are minor, and what is most important is that Goldendoodle's in general have great temperaments across the breed.


What is the life expectancy for a Goldendoodle?

The life expectancy of a Goldendoodle is 15 years, which is longer than that of their purebred ancestors. Standard Poodles average around 12 years, while Golden Retrievers average around 11 years.


How much exercise do Goldendoodles require?

Goldendoodles are a very active breed, therefore they require a moderate amount of exercise. They need to be outside several times per day, whether on walks, or running like the wind in a safe and secure yard. In our opinion, being around humans is probably what they enjoy most. If you want to lounge, they'll lounge right alongside you. If you want to play outside, they'll be glad to play with you.


Will my Goldendoodle shed?

Each Goldendoodle is different, but shedding should be little to none. Since our Goldendoodles are Multi-Gens, they will be the least likely to shed out of all generations. Shedding, if any, will most likely occur during the puppy stages as their coats are changing from puppy to adulthood. We cannot, however, guarantee that your puppy will not shed. 


How much grooming do Goldendoodles require?

Multi-Gen Goldendoodles have coats that are generally low maintenance. If their hair is unclipped it usually grows about 4-7" being shorter around the face, and longer over the remainder of the body. It is recommended to comb them every few weeks, and they need to be bathed and groomed every 3-4 months.

Does my puppy come with anything?

Your Sweet Southern Doodle puppy will come with a puppy kit. The puppy kit includes: collar, leash, blanket, toy, health records, sample of puppy food, and CKC registration papers.


*We feed our puppies HOLISTIC SELECT PUPPY FOOD. You can purchase this food at Hollywood Feed

(if in MS, TN, AR, AL, TX or online), or you can locate a Holistic Select dealer at:




What will I need to buy for my new puppy?

You will need to invest in the following items: collar and leash (appropriate fit with room to grow), food and water bowls, treats, brush, shampoo, puppy food, and a crate - if you plan to crate train.


*Giving your puppy treats is a great way to reward them when they have not made a "mess" in the house.

Also, treats can make teaching your puppy new tricks much easier!


Do you recommend crate training?

We do recommend crate training, as dogs love a place of their own. A crate (or kennel) is somewhere your dog will feel safe. It is best to start out with a smaller crate, so your dog will only have enough room to stand up, turn around, and lay down. The less room they have, the more unlikely it is they will make a "mess" in it. As they grow and get used to it, you can give them more room. It is always good to put a blanket in there that they are familiar with, and maybe a toy. When crate training, it's best to let your puppy outside every 2-4 hours, even during the night. As they get older, longer hours are fine, but not too long.


Will my puppy be microchipped?

No, your puppy will not be microchipped. We do recommend having your pet microchipped, however. If they were ever to get lost, it is a great way for them to be reunited with you! If you would like more information on microchipping, you can follow the link on the bottom of the LINKS page on our website.


Will my puppy be registered/come with papers?







Yes. Our adults are CKC (Continental Kennel Club) registered, and you will receive papers to register your puppy. You can register him/her for free online after puppy pick-up day. At this time, CKC is the only canine club who recognizes mixed breed dogs. Currently, AKC (American Kennel Club) only recognizes purebreds, which is why we cannot register the dogs through them.


Why choose Sweet Southern Doodles?

Here at Sweet Southern Doodles, our dogs are our family. When we say 'family' we mean they live here inside our home with us, and they are constantly interacting with us. We strive to provide the best care and quality of life for our pets. We are not a kennel or professional breeders, so we are low-scale. We do not have dogs in kennel after kennel outside, and we don't have dogs running wild all over the place. (Though our doodles can get pretty hyper when outdoors!) Being low-scale you can trust that we have more social interaction and one-on-one time with your puppy to better help take care of them.